Single Lectures

60-90 minute lectures on issues that are of concern to the American Muslim community and its development.


Online webinars hosted by our researchers and special guests.

Seminars and Workshops

Single sessions lasting 3-4 hours designed to address topics requiring a more focused and lengthy study.

Lecture Series

Series of between 3-5 lectures exploring in more depth issues related to the study and practice of Islam.

Media Content

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Coffeehouse Discussions

Social and intellectual gatherings designed to bring people together for productive conversation on major issues affecting our communities and society.


We aim to produce essays, research papers, booklets, and books on various topics related to Islam in America.


Be a part of answering questions, sparking new ideas, and promoting change by supporting research projects.

Question and Answer Archive

We keep a running archive of answers to questions that we are asked on social media, in person, and through email.

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