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Do I Have to Pray Jumuah When Eid Comes on Friday?

* For a more detailed analysis see Imam Mustafa Umar’s article on his website,, here.



If Eid is on a Friday and one attends the Eid prayer are they still required to attend the jumuah prayer?



Jumuah prayer is normally required upon men who do not have an excuse which allows them to miss it. However, when Eid falls on Friday there is some discussion between the scholars as to whether or not that counts as an excuse which would allow them to miss the Friday prayer.

Essentially there are two major opinions on this issue. The opinion of the the Hanafi and Maliki schools is that men are still required to pray the Friday prayer even if they attend the Eid prayer on a Friday. The opinion of the Hanbali school is that if men attend the Eid prayer then they are excused from attending the Friday prayer on the same day.

The general principle is that when such an acceptable scholarly difference exists it is permissible for the person to act upon either of the opinions. However, in this case there are a few things to keep in mind:

– It is important for us as a Muslim community in America to give importance to days like Eid and try to make them as festive and memorable as possible. If we do not do this we run the risk of our kids associating positive memories with other religious holidays (like Christmas) and not with the Eids. As such I highly recommend those who can take off work to do so. If one is able to take off work then they should try to attend both the Jumuah and the Eid prayer.

– If one is not able to take off work for the whole day then they should still try to take off for Eid prayer and then simply prayer zuhr instead of taking off again for Jumuah. It is permissible for them to do this as long as they pray the Eid prayer in congregation.

– As a general rule it is better to still pray Jumuah even if one attends the Eid prayer.

May Allah guide us to what is best and fill our hearts with the light of belief.


Jamaal Diwan