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Strangers in My Mirror: Disillusionment with the Community and the Self

When Religious Leaders Fail | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


The second level of disillusionment is with the community at large. Here are the aforementioned points that deal with this level:

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What Is Our Methodology?

Different imams and students of knowledge have different approaches to how they deal with the breadth of Islamic scholarship and practice. Below is a brief outline of where we stand on some important issues, our methodology.

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Imam al-Shafi’s 6 Requirements for Attaining Learning

There is one line of poetry that students of Islam around the world hear over and over again. Sometimes it’s attributed to Imam al-Shafi’i and sometimes to others. This line summarizes six points for the serious learner to take into consideration.

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Purification and Prayer for New Muslims – 03 – Wudu

Part 3 of Purification and Prayer for New Muslims covering how to make wudu and the things that nullify it. 

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On Oppression, Allah’s Aid, and Prophetic Love: Reflections on the work of Rami Nashashibi

There’s a lot of important material in the video below that’s imperative for us as a community to digest. Look at the example of those who bring light under extremely trying circumstances, those who serve without limit, those who do not participate in enmity with believers who may even show hostility to them.

“You do not truly believe until you want for your brothers what you want for yourselves.”

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Purification and Prayer for New Muslims – 02 – Intro

Purification and Prayer for New Muslims – Intro – 2: Continuing the introduction of “Guide of the Believer” by Imam Mustafa Umar. 


Jabir’s Wife and Trusting Allah and His Messenger

Life is very competitive. Sometimes we find ourselves in front of situations where we are stuck between doing what we know is right and doing what seems to be most materially beneficially. Other times we act on principle as we should and find ourselves in positions that we are not sure that we can handle.

In these cases and others it is important to always remember: If we do what we are supposed to do in front of Allah, He will take care of the rest.