About Safa Center for Research and Education

Safa Center for Research and Education is a project of Muslema Purmul and Jamaal Diwan. It will provide online and on-site educational content related to the issues of Islam and Muslims in America.

Mount Safa was where the Prophet (pbuh) chose to go public with the message of Islam. It was a place that in pre-Islamic Arabia was the culturally known medium by which important news was shared. The Prophet (pbuh) utilized and embraced the cultural medium of his people to deliver his message. Likewise, Safa Center hopes to utilize the different mediums of our cultural context to deliver the Prophetic message.

Before and after this call, the Prophet (saw) taught Islam in a place close to Mount Safa. It was in the house of al-Arqam, possibly the first Third Space in the prophet’s life, that the first Muslims were given focused tarbiyah in the faith. Similarly, Safa Center is a means by which people can learn about their faith and gain a level of spiritual growth.

The area of Safa was also the place where Ibrahim (pbuh) and his family showed the utmost trust and reliance upon God when Ibrahim (pbuh) followed the command of God and left his family in that uncultivated region. His wife Hajar then ran between Safa and Marwa in her search for sustenance for her and her son, Ismail. The result of her efforts was a great gift which we benefit from up to today, the Well of Zamzam. We hope that Safa Center will be a spiritual and intellectual well that its visitors can drink from to nourish their faith and lives.


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