Jabir’s Wife and Trusting Allah and His Messenger

Life is very competitive. Sometimes we find ourselves in front of situations where we are stuck between doing what we know is right and doing what seems to be most materially beneficially. Other times we act on principle as we should and find ourselves in positions that we are not sure that we can handle.

In these cases and others it is important to always remember: If we do what we are supposed to do in front of Allah, He will take care of the rest. 

The Battle of the Trench was a major conflict in the life of the Prophet (pbuh). The Muslims were outnumbered roughly three to one and defending themselves from inside the city of Medina. In the lead up to the battle it was decided that they would build a trench around the exposed areas of the city as a means of protecting themselves from the oncoming enemy.

This was hard work.

They worked for six days straight all day in a spirit of brotherhood and mutual support. Many were not eating as much as they needed and still struggling on. On one of these days Jabir (ra) noticed that the Prophet (pbuh) looked very skinny so he went home and asked told his wife asking if they can invite him for dinner. She said they had nothing other than some barley and an ewe. They slaughtered the ewe and agreed to invite the Prophet for food the next day.

At the end of the next day’s work Jabir went to the Prophet and invited him for dinner. The Prophet put his hand in Jabir’s hand, locked his fingers with his, and they started walking towards his home. Then the Prophet asked a caller to call out, “Go with God’s Messenger to Jabir’s house. Jabir has invited you, respond to his invitation!” Upon hearing this Jabir was shocked and scared. How was he going to feed all these people!?

He rushed home saying to himself, “We are from God and to Him we return.” When he got there he told his wife what had happened. She looked and him and asked one simple question.

“Did you call out and invite them? Or was it God’s Messenger who did so?”

Jabir responded saying that it was God’s Messenger. She said,

“Then let them come. He knows better.”

And so it was. The Prophet arrived and ten people sat down with him. He told them to eat. They ate their fill and he asked for another ten to come. After they left, another ten. This continued until the entire group had consumed their fill.

Jabir’s wife showed a beautiful combination of intelligence and faith in this story. When she was presented with the situation she boiled it down immediately to the most important question. Once she knew that it was the invitation of the Prophet, she also knew immediately that God would take care of the situation. And so He did, and so she taught us a major lesson in trusting Allah.

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