Jabir’s Wife and Trusting Allah and His Messenger

Life is very competitive. Sometimes we find ourselves in front of situations where we are stuck between doing what we know is right and doing what seems to be most materially beneficially. Other times we act on principle as we should and find ourselves in positions that we are not sure that we can handle.

In these cases and others it is important to always remember: If we do what we are supposed to do in front of Allah, He will take care of the rest.  Continue reading “Jabir’s Wife and Trusting Allah and His Messenger”

Shaykh Jamaal at Islamic Center of Yuma

Shaykh Jamaal will be at the Islamic Center of Yuma on Feb 20, 2015 for the Friday Sermon and an evening program on the topic of “Mercy: A Stamp of Creation,” based on the paper by Dr. Umar Abdallah by that title.