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Space Between Feet in Prayer

A very common issue that comes up is how one’s feet should be in prayer. There are a couple of core points that should be kept in mind here:

– This is a minor issue and as such it’s difficult to even find it in the books of fiqh because it was never given much space.

– It is an issue of what is best and not what is required.

– Concentration in prayer is required and therefore the placement of one’s feet in relation to those around them should not distract them from the essence of prayer.

– The nature of minor issues such as this is that they are often areas of valid scholarly difference of opinion. It should not be turned into a big issue and the various view points should be respected.

– If taken literally it applies to the beginning of prayer and does not need to be re-initiated at the beginning of each new unit of prayer.

The link below is to a PDF taken from the book “Key Proofs in Hanafi Fiqh” by Shaykh Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf. It is a little difficult to read but not too long and gives a cursory look at the topic.


Space Between Feet In Prayer

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